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The other day I found an old “to do” list. 

It includes a myriad of tasks: pay bills, vacuum, tidy living room, groceries, return DVDs, buy present, tidy bedroom (not crossed off), dance 11:45, piano 1:30, birthday party 3 pm, dinner guests 6:30.  A Saturday list. Only one of the items was for just for me, or rather, just for me and God: Pray.

The list is from last winter, when I was taking a prayer course.  I had signed a covenant to pray for an hour a day.  It was a struggle.  Some days I prayed myself to sleep.  I said “no” to invitations and requests for help to find that extra seven hours a week for three months.

Finding God in the everyday: urban sunset

Finding God in the everyday: urban sunset

But it was a blessed three months.  I was calmer, more centered.  I saw God in my friends and children, and in the every day moments of my life.

Leaving work one evening I walked past a homeless woman huddled with a cardboard sign that read: “I pray that tomorrow will be better.”  In the midst of rushing home, I was catapulted into prayer. 

One morning, running late for work, I parked my car as “Let It Be” by the Beatles played on the radio.  As I pulled into the parking space the sun fell on a flock of sparrows chirping and preening in a bush.  I caught my breath as I felt:  “Let it be… all will be well … I am here.”

So, after the course was over, I resolved to continue my prayer practice.  But one thing led to another (did I mention sleep? work? kids?) and my prayer time slipped off my “to do” list and back to a few stolen minutes before bed. 

Now I realize that the fruit of that intense prayer period was long lasting.  In the following few months I changed jobs, refocused my volunteer commitments, stepped more deeply into worship and began more reading for pure pleasure.  I played more with my children, spoke more often to my parents.

So perhaps tomorrow’s “to do” list should begin with one word: Pray.


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